Leak Detection

Do you need Leak Detection Services?

One of the ways to find out if you need leak detection service or not is to look at your water bill. Your water bill will be higher than normal if there is the slightest leak in you home or outside of your home.  Another reason we may need to find a leak, is if the floor in a certain spot in the home is hotter than anywhere else. Burst pipes are common in homes in the US.

What is Leak location or detection?

Finding a leak can be done in two different ways. One is an electronic leak detection that uses sound waves to find the sound of water flowing out of the pipes concealed. Bellow is a picture of electronic leak location being performed in a home where a pipe has burst under ground and the home owner received a $1000 bill.

The second method is a visual leak detection and this is pretty much self explanatory we look around all corners, under the home, and anywhere your water pipes may run through.

leak detection