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The one stop shop for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Ez Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Los Angeles has all the state of the art tools and equipment to get your day going without all the hard decision making. We thrive on providing our customers with the best service the industry has to offer.


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 Emergency Plumbing Services

We have a staff of highly trained professionals to tackle any emergency your home may bring on at any time. We have a local warehouse stocking most items necessary in any plumbing emergency situation. With local locations all over Los Angeles we will provide a fast response service and get there before the problem gets worse. Let Ez Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Los Angeles take care of your plumbing issues.

Home of the 50 Dollar Drain Cleaning

We offer $50 drain cleaning no matter how big or small of a back up through an accessible clean out. All our trucks have large to small drain cleaning equipment to ensure your drains get draining. What happens when the obstruction is too hard to clear? We have a large machine on a trailer that uses a strong amount of water pressure to break apart what ever that may be in your drain. This process is called hydro jetting and is used as a last resort service. Los Angeles is known for roots that grow into drains and wont come out, as long as the pipe is not broken we can use the hydro jet to clear and break away the stoppage.


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5 Star Service without the costly plumbing bills

Who doesn’t want 5 star service when it comes to your home. You live in it why not take great care of it. Our company warranties and backs any service performed on your home with a Ez worry free guarantee. If your plumbing issues still have issues after we replace or repair it we will come out and take care of it at no additional charge. Please see terms of service for more details. Time is the most valuable asset you have, Don’t waste it by not hiring the right professionals to get it right the first time.


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Plumbing Los Angeles Since 1989.

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